Strings and things

As a mandolin and guitar player I can offer you the following services:

  • Beginner mandolin or guitar lessons
  • Mandolin, guitar or banjo restring, cleanup, maintenance, action and intonation adjustment

Beginner mandolin or guitar lessons (scroll down for instrument maintenance info)

Itchy to give the guitar or mandolin a try? I can introduce you to both instruments, and together with you I will decide what to work on.You do not need to know how to read music to get started!

  • First introduction, basic chords and melodies
  • Learning your favourite songs
  • Learn strumming and picking techniques
  • Advance through  more complex chords, and barre chords
  • Learn your basic scales
  • Learn arpeggios and alternative picking patterns

The fine print:

  • Bring your own instrument. I do not have loaner instruments.
  • I charge 12 CAD, per 30 minutes session
  • A first, 30 minute, introduction-session is free
  • I charge in advance per 4 sessions
  • A skipped session, except when due to illness, is never compensated or reimbursed
  • Of course, any missed session due to my absence will be compensated or reimbursed
  • When preferred, I can come to your house or a public spot (please choose one with low noise).
    Only within Nanaimo city limits.
    Me coming to your preferred location is an added 2 CAD per session.
  • I provide the learning material, and in consensus with you decide on how tech (and costly) those will be
  • When you have reached the level of playing where I can no longer teach you, I will gladly refer you to a new teacher to take your playing to the next level. I am not ashamed of telling you when it’s time to move on, on the contrary, it will be my honour and pleasure.

Mandolin, guitar or banjo restring and maintenance

  • I will get off your old strings and put on the new ones. Quite simple.
    Basic restring is 10 CAD per instrument + cost of your preferred strings
  • Add 5 CAD and I will also clean, polish and inspect your instrument while changing the strings
  • Want to learn how to change strings the fast and good way? For 25 CAD (+ cost of your preferred strings) we will go through the process together, and I’ll teach you how to change strings and maintain your instrument.
  • If your instrument has adjustable settings for action and intonation I will also perform and action adjustment and intonation correction for you. This is a very lengthy procedure, and will cost an additional 10 CAD.
  • With any session I will check for you if your instrument is suffering from hidden problems. Since I do not do perform more complicated maintenance myself’, I will refer you to a luthier to have a look at your instrument.
  • In short (excl. cost of strings):
    restring: 10 CAD
    restring and clean and polish: 15 CAD
    restring, clean, polish and action/intonation adjustment: 25 CAD
    restring/cleaning lesson: 25 CAD

Mail your questions to thomas_mol (at) yahoo (dot) com



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