Dutch in Nanaimo

As a native Dutch speaker, familiar with both the variants spoken in Belgium and the Netherlands, I am glad to offer my services as a language tutor and as a translator.

During my years as a student in Belgium, I took courses in education and I have many years of experience in the field of training. An extra year in Journalism assures me that my Dutch is as correct as it gets.

Tutoring in Dutch (for translation work, scroll down)

Let me help you:

* Improve your accent
* Avoid the main pitfalls
* Broaden your vocabulary
* Understand the grammatical quirks
* Speak more naturally
* Add cultural baggage

The fine print:

  • I charge 18 CAD  per 45 minutes session
  • A first, 30 minute, introduction-session is free
  • I charge in advance per 4 sessions
  • A skipped session, except due to illness, is never compensated or reimbursed
  • Of course, any missed session due to my absence will be compensated or reimbursed
  • When preferred, I can come to your house or a public spot (please choose one with low noise).
    Only within Nanaimo city limits.
    Me coming to your preferred location is an added 2 CAD, per session.
  • I provide the learning material, and in consensus with you decide on how tech (and costly) those will be


Let me translate brochures, web content, excerpts from books,… into Dutch or English for you. I can translate from:

  • English to Dutch
  • Dutch to English
  • French to English
  • French to Dutch

I will charge 15 CAD cents, per word for general texts, with a discount of 12% for any work above 1000 words.

Please consider that I can not provide legalization. I do not advise using translations provided by me for any legal matter.

I am very much at ease with IT terminology, and have a broad general knowledge. I will very rarely skip on an assignment due to the context being too specialized or complicated.

Contact me at thomas (at) yahoo (dot) com for more info.


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