DIY Thomas strikes again

DSC03990I admit: I am one of those horribly annoying Japanophiles. Mind you, I am very selective in my admiration, but I have a tremendous respect for the inventiveness that made Japan just as refined and beautiful as China, but without the amounts of (natural) resources the medieval Chinese could rely on.(An interesting book I can recommend, by the way, going into the details of how Japan was coping with its lack of natural resources in the period before opening up to western trade: “Just enough” by Azby Brown.)

One of the more frivolous purchases I ever made must have been a black-and-white men’s yukata. Great fun to wear, a pain to wash.

One day, I will try my hand at making a proper hanger for this garment (a western style clothes hanger will deform the fabric).

For now, since I am about 12 days before my moving to Vancouver Island again, I make do with what I have to dry my yukata the proper way: a broomstick and two clothing hangers (with a little help form the car garage that was already there)

Now seeing this is triggering a memory. What does this remind me of?
Wait a second.. it’s coming! It reminds me of….. the Hitler ghost in Wolfenstein 3D hahaha.



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