How come…

How come…

Priority customers get to skip the security lineup at the airport and spend their time at comfy lounges, but still sigh and make ugly faces?

How come that when they are supposed to be lucky to be boarding first, in fact they are starting their own lineup, standing straight and still about half an hour earlier then the economy customers, who get to keep sitting nicely on their butts untill the line starts rolling smoothly.

When you think about it, it is a miracle of moneymaking. You offer an upgraded service, which costs you let’s say 20 dollars more. But you make the customer pay a 220 more for it. They will pay for the ridiculously overpriced service anyway, avoiding to be judged as cheapskates by their peers.

Lesson of the day? Fuck peer pressure, it’s not doing you any good.

I could go on for ages about clothes, bored faces, duty free shopping and rich sons who clearly dispise their fathers (while still gladly taking his money).. but the point has been made.


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