Holidays in Nanaimo

Yay! Three weeks back on the island, in the arms of that one and only superduper lover girl of mine 🙂 Some might say ‘wife’ but I think that doesn’t do her justice 😉

Camping on Mayne Island and seeing the Japanese memorial garden there. Hiking up Mount Benson in the snow for the first time with a brave crew. Making pancakes for four hours straight (who were devoured in 10 minutes at a dinner party), cuddling with the black boy and wishing I could take just one extra item home with me! See, there’s enough room in my suitscase!u

Coming soon, picture from a hike in East Belgium.

DSC02835 DSC02839 DSC02844 DSC02854 DSC02859 DSC02863 DSC02866 DSC02876 DSC02877 DSC02890 DSC02893 DSC02895 DSC02896 DSC02819


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