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Nanaimothomas = Belgothomas

So what’s happening?

Right now I am facing the dreary Belgian winter weather. It is a very strange feeling to be back in your old place, as if nothing changed. Just a few new pictures remind me that my life has changed immensely. But I’m wearing the same clothes as three years ago, seeing the old friends that I left three years ago.

The jobsearch has been going on in earnest for a few weeks, and something seems to be coming up. Good. It’s been enough stress for now 🙂

What will happen to this blog while I am in Belgium, waiting for the moment where N and I will share our lives again? I might update from time to time if the subjects seem interesting enough, and I’ll switch to English for as long as I write about the Belgian life.

What’s in the pipeline here?

I enrolled in a few waiting lists, for courses in woodworking, musical instrument building and a course for forest wardens.
I’ll keep playing music, and will soon by trying the first steps with new people.
As soon as I have my bow and arrow here, I’ll start shootin’ away!

Other things like horseback riding will have to wait until I secure a stable income and have an overview of my life for the coming months.

We’ll see! Plenty of options, plenty of ideas.